The Sea of Knowledge

For most of human history, people lived in a world where information was as rare as gold, and just as valuable too. A world where the common man had no access to education, which was exclusively a domain for the rich & nobility. A world where this lack of education was a real insurmountable barrier that stood between the common person & the stores of human knowledge. A world where scientists & experts were barely on the cusp of discovering insights that would prove accurate & relevant to our daily lives. And even when they did, this knowledge was locked away in the ivory towers of intellectuals, or the gilded halls of nobility.

That is not the world we live in today. We live in a unique period of human history that places vast troves of powerful & erudite knowledge, directly at our very fingertips. As we speak, there are millions of researchers around the world who are performing studies & conducting experiments, in order to produce knowledge that is directly relevant to improving our quality of life. And once they do, they simply publish their results in a concise paper and freely disseminate it to anyone & everyone with the interest in reading it… making their findings accessible to anyone with grade-12 reading skills. Within weeks, newspaper reporters around the world go a step further & publicize these findings in easily digestible reports in the mainstream media. Eventually, these studies & other similar parcels of knowledge get packaged together by authors & publishers into mainstream books, through which any average Joe can attain a level of proficiency & understanding that our forefathers could only have dreamed of.

If knowledge is indeed power, we live in a world where we have more power at our fingertips, than anyone in human history. The vast sea of knowledge out there that we have access to, is simply astounding & humbling… the only limitation we face today, is our own motivation & interest in pursuing it. The only barrier we face today is a mental one; a barrier that challenges us to reach for the knowledge that is at our fingertips, and apply it to our lives.

Unfortunately, even this barrier proves itself to be an insurmountable one for many of us. We complain that we have no time, even as we spend untold number of hours watching TV, surfing the web, and reading celebrity gossip. We spend thousands of hours pursuing our goals & hoping to achieve success… but spending a few hours to research & go about it in the best possible way, somehow seems too arduous a step to take. Worse yet, even in instances where we happen to stumble upon this knowledge, we often refuse to accept it simply because it contradicts our ingrained habits, traditions, and beliefs about the way the world really works.

There is a vast sea of knowledge out there, through which any of us can achieve success in any aspect of our life that we care about. The only question is, are you willing to pick it up off the ground & do something with it?

I’ve compiled below a series of links, which I was able to put together in simply two hours. Links that hint at how we can make great strides in any aspect of our lives that we care about. I do not intend for this to be a comprehensive guide of any sort… simply a demonstration of what is possible if we’re willing to open our minds & go looking.



Study techniques that work & those that don’t

Myths & misconceptions about studying

Study by testing yourself



Reading literary fiction boosts social skills & EQ

Move “Towards” others

Ask for Favors

Don’t try to be perfect



How to ace Speed Dating

What makes someone seem attractive

To win a girl over, keep her guessing



Long term plan for getting into college

What elite colleges are looking for in applicants



Interview tips verified by Research Studies

Interview advice from the other side of the table



Likeability over Video: Tips for career success

EQ & People Skills more important for Career Success than IQ

Start your day strong, to get ahead at work

Comprehensive Review of factors leading to Career Success



The basics of a successful marriage

What psychology teaches us about marriage success

Online dating can lead to better marriage


Raising Children

Emphasize effort, not talent

Scientific tips on Parenting

How far an attitude of gratitude can go

Set high expectations, but give your children freedom



How to effectively warm-up

Rethinking static-stretches

Simple but effective 7 minute workout

High gains with High Intensity



Relax & sleep, for a better life

Boosting your immune system

Boost your energy levels



Managing sugar in your diet

How trans-fat affects your health



What makes you happy

Ditch materialism & start giving to others

How to spend money if you want to be happy

Creating a life of meaning


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