The Real Truth about NYC’s Elite High Schools

Source A couple days ago, the NYTimes published an op-ed proclaiming “The Truth about NYC’s Elite High Schools”. The truth, according to them, is the following: NYC’s elite high schools are a bastion of bias and discrimination. In order to remedy this, they need to abandon their current test-based entrance system, in favor of one that … Continue reading The Real Truth about NYC’s Elite High Schools

Forget Basic Income – we need Guaranteed Employment

Source I’ve long been a champion of Basic Income. As we head towards an uncertain future where automation and offshoring becomes the norm, we need more safeguards to protect the most vulnerable members in our society. Instead of paternalistic welfare programs, full of bureaucracy and central planning, the idea of putting money directly in the … Continue reading Forget Basic Income – we need Guaranteed Employment

Dangerous Ideas

Source In communist China, those deemed to be promoting dangerous Capitalist ideas were subjected to severe crackdown under the Cultural Revolution. In Catholic 16th century Europe, those who promoted radical ideas that undermined mainstream Judeo-Christian beliefs, were locked up as heretics. In America during the Red Scare, those suspected of endorsing Socialist ideas were subjected … Continue reading Dangerous Ideas

A Fix for Political Corruption

Source Senators and Congressmen are forced to spend hours every day, making phone calls to the rich, listening intently to all their problems, promising them actions, and eventually, begging them for money. Presidential hopefuls, the leaders of their party and charismatic figureheads with supporters numbering in the millions, travel halfway around the country in order … Continue reading A Fix for Political Corruption

Buy Low, Sell High: The Worst Financial Advice of All Time

Source As someone who’s given a number of talks on personal finance, and managing your investments, there’s one piece of advice that I keep hearing from people over and over again. “Buy low, sell high”, they usually whisper to me in a sagely tone, as though they have discovered some profound truth that will unlock … Continue reading Buy Low, Sell High: The Worst Financial Advice of All Time