The Corruption We Abide By

Senators and Congressmen are forced to spend hours every day, making phone calls to the rich, listening intently to all their problems, promising them actions, and eventually, begging them for money. Presidential hopefuls, the leaders of their party and charismatic figureheads with supporters numbering in the millions, travel halfway around the country in order to … Continue reading The Corruption We Abide By

Buy Low, Sell High: The Worst Financial Advice of All Time

As someone who’s given a number of talks on personal finance, and managing your investments, there’s one piece of advice that I keep hearing from people over and over again. “Buy low, sell high”, they usually whisper to me in a sagely tone, as though they have discovered some profound truth that will solve all … Continue reading Buy Low, Sell High: The Worst Financial Advice of All Time

Caucus: The Next-Generation Community-Discussion Forum

Regular readers have probably noticed my extremely low posting frequency lately. I would usually explain this with some excuse about being busy, but this time, I actually have a good reason behind it. I've been spending the past couple of months building a site of my own. For years, I've been frustrated by the state … Continue reading Caucus: The Next-Generation Community-Discussion Forum

Conscience Driven Politics

Around the world, xenophobia seems to be everywhere. In the US, anti-immigration rhetoric fills the airwaves in half the country. People like Donald Trump, the leading republican Presidential nominee, describe Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers. Eastern European countries like Hungary are not only politically lobbying to restrict the rights of asylum seekers escaping … Continue reading Conscience Driven Politics